K-124 Days 2009 by Sergio
Wednesday 1 April 2009
by Ben Swales
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Photobysergio were on hand at K-124 Days this weekend to immortalise the best of the world’s riders as they rode on the magnificent Buthiers sections. It was great to see them, especially Jimmy, who spent Staurday evening helping us get through our beer ;-)

The first of their galleries went online yesterday, with three photos of each of the Super-Elite riders, in order of results. There’s a little bonus of three photos of the Elite winner, the very impressive Abel Mustieles, who is just 17 years old! As usual, the photos are true works of art, and Sergio will be bringing us a gallery for each of the Super-Elite and Elite riders in the next few days. Click on a photo to go to the complete gallery!

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