Brand new complete Hoffmann 26" 2009
Thursday 19 March 2009
by Jebegood
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The dynamic german Trials Team Hoffmann takes part in every big international event. It has some of the best riders of the world among its members, like Sebastian Hoffmann (third in the UCI 20" ranking 2008), Matthias Mrohs (eighth) and Thomas Mrohs (twelfth in the UCI 26" ranking 2008). And the TTH gave us some great videos about all the big events which he took part : cf. the articles Coupe du Monde #2, by Matthias Mhros, Championnats du Monde, by Matthias Mhros or La finale de Gilles Coustellier.

The TTH riders have developed their own brand, Hoffmann Bikes, we introduced to you in the article Hoffmann Bikes... « Germany Handmade » !. Max Schrom, the leader of the team, showed us few days ago in the article Le cadre Hoffmann 26" 2009 the first pictures of the new 2009 26" frame, without painting. This amazing bike, which has an eccentric rear hub and an integrated rear brake booster, has been presented to german people at the Bremen Indoor, few days ago.

Here are the first pictures of the complete 26" bike. The yellow and full HS 33 one (Max’s bike) weights 9,2 kg but with the continental tyre and a light front tyre, its weight is 8,7 kg. Thomas Disk Version, the blue one, weights 9,8 kg with the Maxxis tyres. His geometry is 1090mm wheelbase, 375mm chainstay, and the BB Rise can be moved because of the eccentric system between +2,3 and +3,7 cm. The frame weight is 1760g (with its integrated brake booster). The frame is available in all colors. The rims are a special paintjob especially made by Max for the german championships.

The HS 33 version (Max’s bike)...

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The front disk version (Thomas’s bike)...

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The Try-All shoes of the team ;-)

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