A Cat on a Quark
Tuesday 17 March 2009
by Jebegood , Nic’O
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Marc «The Cat» Caisso, three times Trials World Champion, fourth of the 2008 World Championships at Val di Sole, now has its official website : www.marc-caisso.com. A great job of Nicolas Gilles, alias «Nic’O» on the web, one of the webmasters of the french forum Espace Trial, who has really done an outstanding job, all the more so impressive since this guy has nothing to deal with computing, and is a self-made-man in webmastering and websites design !

Nic’O just added a new video in his website. We can see the champion riding on some of his favorite training places : the quarry of St Restitut, the seawalls of Sète and Fabrègues. Marc did some big sidehops, gaps, taps and front wheel hooks on his proto Quark (we offer you a few shots of this proto in the previous article The Quark proto-Marc Caisso). We also particularly appreciate the english tricks in the streets of Fabrègues...

Click below to enjoy a streaming of this new vid’...

Some screenshots...

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