Jitsie apparel crash test!
Friday 18 January 2013
by Sylvain

PNG - 114.6 kb We were looking forward to testing the new Airtime gear from Jitsie, specifically developed for bike trials. A lineup with "quality" as the main objective, and that comes right to mind when unpacking the apparel!

Read on for a presentation of this new bike trials apparel, complete with practical testing on the rocks. A worldwide exclusivity, just for you!

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JPEG - 195.2 kb First of all, before going on this new gear like mad kids on cupcakes, we asked ourselves a question. What makes sports clothing bike trials clothing? Looking at what people wear on zones, there is indeed everything but a commonality. And nothing convincing at the end of the day; this is the perspective that this motorbike trials specialist had when observing pro riders in action. Most ride with shorts that are designed for other disciplines and often have to raise them after a few jumps or when getting back on their bike. The last big trend has been the boxing shorts which provide optimal freedom of movement but is not designed for outdoors usage and even less for bike trials usage. Therefore, our clothing can surely be better, in terms of its retention, its ventilation or its weight. Summing it up, starting from those premises, Jan Cardinaels and his team brainstormed with the objective of delivering real bike trials apparel. Requirements: must be very soft, must be very light, must be very well ventilated, ... Among others... Requirements met? Let’s check. We’re eager to try on this gear. First this 100% trials brand pays special attention to packaging. And the attention to detail goes to every level. Also we notice right away that the fabric used for this apparel lineup is very technical and contributes to the light weight of these products.

The airtime short, first of all, catches our attention. We’re told that this flagship product of the Airtime lineup is the fruit of two years of research. It boasts two large breathing panels on the front side, and two smaller on the back side. The cut is straight and large and the fabric is slightly elastic. A large zipper topped by two solid snap buttons help the closing. They are coupled to a very clever and intuitive retaining system: a belt that is integrated to the short on the back side and that can be tightened using a double velcro on each side and at hand’s reach. Adjust and tighten, once and for all, in a split second! Naturally. The belt is larger at the back, similarily to a lombar support belt. Both lateral pockets have a convenient large zipper. The shorts are comfortable and, through some squats, we feel that range of motion is optimal. Beware, the sizes are larger than we expected; we first chose an "L", our usual size (we are a little over 180 cm tall) and that’s actually an M we need.

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Let’s then unpack the shirts, in long size. These V neck shirts are equally very light. Again the attention to detail and the bike trials design objective reflect through the clothing. As an example, the small lateral zipped pocket, hidden on the left side, is perfect to put your card away. Also, on the right side, a triangular panel made of soft fabric specially designed to wipe your glasses. Good thinking! Large breathing panels are placed in the underarms. Nevertheless the structure of the fabric lets us anticipate that it will provide good ventilation, it is slightly waffled, extensible and aerated. A good product that sizes a bit large too. So you may need a size that is one below what you’re used to!

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Now let’s look at the gloves. There is already a large choice of them on the market, however too often the products offered are light-duty and have a limited lifetime, if not very limited. The Jitsie gloves seem to differ : the quality make inspires trust when trying them on. They’re light but also more importantly they’re cleverly designed. On the back of the hand, an extensible embossed fabric provides breathability. There is also a triangular panel that is made of an even more breathable fabric (similar to that found on the shorts and shirt). The same fabric is found on the side of the fingers. The palm is one piece of resistant fabric that is also very thin, which is essential to not alter the sensations while piloting. There is a little silicon imprint on the lower palm to secure your hand on your grips. Great attention to detail! Tightening is done with a velcro tab, which is perforated. The area that surrounds the wrist is reinforced with a large embossed fabric that provides good support and gives a very classy appearance to the product. At the thumb, riders will appreciate the presence of a wide panel for wiping as well as a reinforced area where the gloves links between the thumb and index, the most strained zone. The Jitsie logo is overimprinted on the backside and the Airtime name is on the pinkie. Regarding size, usual standards are complied. A glove has never felt so well fitted...

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On the terrain

JPEG - 350.9 kb In a nutshell, this is a nice technical product, now let’s see what are its qualities on the terrain. As we are heading to the zones, right away, the clothing lets itself forget thanks to its light weight and its comfort. The fabric is well cut and elastic, never parasitizing your gestures, which is fundamentally important, especially since the top drivers have become real contortionists, on movements like laterals. So the shorts allow for a good range of motion (not less than our usual boxing shorts) as well as good ventilation. Support is excellent as we suspected. Perspiration is well evacuated and we’re not swimming in our sweat after a few hours of riding, as with some of the more classic gear. The gloves provide good sensations. After a few sessions we have not noticed premature wear. We all like the look of this clothing: elegant, race minded, not too loaded, they allow competitors additional space to place partner logos. The Airtime gear is perfect for street sessions and you won’t look like you’re a countryside rider lost in urban jungle. This clothing has a real "rider" style, both sporty and freerider, like the two universes of our discipline.

To conclude...

JPEG - 315.8 kb The balance is largely positive. This Airtime clothing lineup has seduced us by its class, sobriety, racy looks, and exemplary finish. Quality clothing without a doubt, and we could experience Jitsie’s motto, "Innovation in trials"... Great strike for a master of motorbike trials products. This a well thought product that brings new ideas and improvements on our zones. Innovation and experience are infused in this real bike trials clothing that does not hinder movement and does not slow down the rider’s enthusiasm. An ultra technical gear that is comparable to the most successful freeride clothing, but is 100% designed for bike trials usage: lighter, more elastic, more aerated. Only downside, the price perhaps? They are a little higher than more traditional products, especially for the shorts, with a retail price of 80 EUR. Shirts (short of long sleeves) are 37.50 EUR and gloves are priced at 30 EUR. Quality has a price, doesn’t it? To complete this fine gear, only a helmet is missing. As you can see on the pictures, we tested the one adopted by the Jitsie house’s superpilot, Sir Jack Carthy : the Lazer Oaziz, recommended by Jitsie, complements the Airtime gear with harmony. We’ll present it to you later from every angle !

For further information
- Jitsie Airtime apparel now available!
- Jitsie.com.

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