Bring Back X-Ups And Kill The World
Wednesday 3 October 2012
by Ben Swales
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It’s rare that a video surprises us so much in the Tribal Zine offices, but we’re still not quite sure what we’ve just seen in this incredible video form across the Atlantic. Sean Watson, the Canadian Inspired rider who blurs the boundaries of trials, street and BMX, has done it again - this video is amazing.

The video was submitted as an entry for the international GETcreative video competition launched this summer by Ben Rowlands with the support of Inspired, Phoenix, Tarty Bikes, Trash Zen and Tribal Zine, and creative it most certainly is. It’s not often that you get to watch a video that is so imaginative and so surprising that you just don’t know what’s coming next, but that’s what Sean has created here. PNG - 213.8 kb Playing with his bike, skateboards the camera, the edit and his surroundings, Sean entertains and amazes throughout.




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