The TMS Evo 4 20"
Wednesday 3 October 2012
by Ben Swales
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Something nice and new to break up your week. TMS / Bikevision boss Thibaut Marriaux unveils the little brother to the Evo 4 24 et 26. It’s only a prototype at the moment, but it will be going into production in three months’ time. It keeps the same curvy lines and stylish graphics as the rest of the Evo 4 range; it is a part of the Evo 4 family, and has the identity to show it. We tested the 26" version a few weeks ago, the results of which we’ll share with you soon, and if the 20" is anything like it’s bog brother, we’re going to love it! Here’s a photo of the 20" version, built with Bonz Pro Light parts, that will soon be in the hands of Cran-Gevrier VTT club rider Arnaud Janin (winner of the French Cup in R2 category, 8th in Benjamin at the World Youth Games). Lucky guy...

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The frame tips the scales at just 1.47kg, without BB and bash plate...

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It comes with a post mount disc tab and the famous TMS chain tensioner has evolved once more... JPEG - 109.2 kb JPEG - 100.4 kb

A new yoke stiffens the central part of the bike.

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