Ali C’s GETaway
Sunday 23 September 2012
by Ben Swales
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In the age of digital HD videos, this video, filmed using an 40 year old Super 8 camera, is certainly extraordinary. Inspired rider Alastair Clarkson, a former competitor and ultra-talented street rider decided he wanted to do something a bit different for his GETcreative. When he and Mark Westlake went on a roadtrip to Dunkirk and Rotterdam they left the DSLR at home and packed an antique analogue camera and a few rolls of Super 8 film instead, with the intention of capturing the feel and atmosphere of a trip and coming up with a video that was original and creative, as well as showing off Ali’s incredible riding.

The result is a vintage-looking video, complete with double-exposures, burns and flickers, that reminds us of the time when we used to watch Hans Rey and Ot Pi on VHS video before going out riding, albeit with much more ‘new school’, flowy riding, mixing big moves with the sort of lines that only Ali comes up with (the last 360 drop in is absolutely incredible). The slow, chilled out music that Ali has chosen compliments the unnatural speed of the footage perfectly too. In short, we love this video!



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