Tarty Bikes - MK to BF
Thursday 16 August 2012
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 10.5 kb Tarty Bikes’ media man Mark Westlake has just released this absolute belter of a video of team riders Joe Maher, Ali Clarkson and Adam Bessell riding in Milton Keynes and at Barrow Farm. With such talent in front of and behind the lens it was bound to be good and it REALLY is. Big moves, cool lines, power, style, precision, skids (that’s right!) and three top riders just having fun on their bikes – it has it all. THIS is what a trials video should be like! You might think I’m gushing, but watch the video before judging me too harshly – it definitely warrants such a reaction!

Mark introduced the video by saying: “Adam Bessell’s been unofficially on the team for a little while now, and we’ve been trying to get a video together to go with announcing his addition but time and weather have hindered our plans. Finally, we managed to go get a ride on the go late last week. Ali and I hopped into the Rover and drove down to MK to meet up with Bessell and Joe, then headed over to Joe’s place before a ride at Barrow the next day. We had sweet weather the whole time and everyone had a good time!

This video is the result of the 2 days of riding we got done.




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