Matt Gilman on the Inspired Hex
Thursday 19 July 2012
by Ben Swales
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Here’s the latest video from the extraordinary rider that is Matt Gilman, A 30 year-old American rider who is… blind! Here is, in just a few words, the story of this dedicated and passionate trials rider, who’s determination and perseverance are exemplary and command respect. Matt, a trials fanatic like you and me, was struck by Type 1 diabetes in 2004 which resulted in the loss of his vision. He can no longer see more than 30cm in front of his face and requires a cane to walk. However, his passion for trials remained and it is this passion and dedication that make him so extraordinary. In 2006 he’d had enough and decided to get back on his bike. He was forced to relearn everything, to take on trials in a completely different manner. His perseverance paid off and he is now able to ride at more or less the same standard as before he lost his vision. He decided to take things further and now produces videos and puts on shows and motivational talks, with the support of some of the biggest and best brands in the industry, such as Trialtech or Chris King. His message? "Vision is more than sight”... The spirit, mental strength can help you to transcend your senses, to go beyond them.

Here Matt proves this once more in a video that shows how his riding has progressed and evolved even further. He has developed a more streety style on his Inspired Hex, and we were surprised by his talent and creativity. Good work Matt, keep it up! To keep up with all of Matt’s news, check out his site This also seems like a good time to mention that Tribal Zine caters for the vision-impaired; Simply click on the “A+” above this article to increase the font size and make it easier to read.



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