One hour with Léo
Saturday 14 July 2012
by Ben Swales
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Along with the Triboulat brothers, he is Franc’es answer to the UK’s street specialists. Léo Nobile is unusual, however, in that he has enjoyed success in both sides of the trials world: Natural and competition, where he has gathered an impressive collections of trophies, and continues to compete at an Expert level on his Monty Kamel 231, and street, with a handful of remarkable videos showing off a mastery of the majority of tricks from the street trials scene. JPEG - 47.7 kb As a result, Léo has his own style, combining the tricks and flow of street riding with the power and technical ability that he has honed over years of high-level competition. His latest video, Finally Ready, which he released in February, was filmed in the Alps and showed Léo’s talent for street riding.

Now he’s back with a new video, filmed and edited by Joe Prod’s Félix Le Blanc over the course of a single afternoon and with Léo switching between his 242 street bike and his 26” comp bike in and around Chambéry. It’s a nice little video, with no pretension, but still manages to impress… Enjoy!



Some nice pictures from photographer Matthieu Chandelier, taken in Revard and Brison Saint Innocent... Head over to Léo’s blog to see the rest!

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Click below to find out more about Léo’s signature TMS Combo, Which sports a bright purple paint job and has a slightly tweaked geometry over the standard model - shorter chainstays (357mm instead of 367mm) and a shorter wheelbase (1010mm instead of 1040mm) to give a more manoeuvrable bike more suited to street riding. The production model of Léo’s bike is available from the TMS Pro Shop from €1390 with a quality spec from the Bonz catalogue.

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