GETcreative Video Contest
Thursday 28 June 2012
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 8.3 kb Ben Rowlands, one of the guys behind the Glasseye Trials collective, has recently launched a great new ‘freetrials’ video contest, aimed at generating creativity in trials videos, both from a riding and an editing point of view. With some fantastic prizes up for grabs from some of the coolest companies in trials, including Inspired, Phoenix Riders Co., Tarty Bikes, Trash Zen and Tribal Zine, it’s not difficult to see why there is already a substantial list of entrants and a lot of enthusiastic interest in the contest already!

We think it’s a great idea that is sure to have a positive effect on the way that trials videos are filmed and edited and, hopefully, on people’s approach to riding. For that reason we were quick to get on board with Ben’s idea and offer a prize for the most creative ’pure trials’ line, and to offer our services for the judging panel.

Full details of the rules, prizes and idea behind the contest can be read at, with announcements being made on Trials-Forum and on the contest’s Facebook page, so be sure to head over and like that to keep up-to-date. We’ll leave Ben himself to do most of the explaining though:

JPEG - 43.7 kb

JPEG - 205.7 kb Hello and welcome to the GETcreative ’freetrials’ video comp, a video comp for the more creative street side of trials to run across the Summer. I think it could be a positive means of generating some good quality videos that feedback into the community and hopefully up the standard in some sense. I’m trying to push things back to how they seemed to be 8-9 years ago when videos seemingly played a more important role. Although perhaps I’m imagining that this was the case? Perhaps I’m romanticising a different era? Either way I’d still like to introduce some incentives for riding and video production to be pushed. Any given action sports community is within a reciprocal relationship with the media it produces. Consequently, the more media that exists within a community, when produced with sincere and great effort, the more that community grows through both inspiration and an appreciation of what’s possible. This is especially so because media offers a window into the efforts of others that would otherwise be inaccessible. We are, most of the time, separated by our residence in different towns, cities or countries. The more we are cut off from the efforts of others the more we are cut off from potential nourishment. Whoever would attempt trials riding without any contact, in any sense, with any other trials riders would be severely handicapped in their development. And the principle obviously applies in the opposite direction: whoever exposes themselves to the most other riders and especially those whose riding comes from the greatest effort and sincerity will develop the most. This helps people make the greatest movement they can toward being their best; it aids the unfolding of their potential.

GETcreative then is based on the recognition of the value of a video culture within the trials community. Its aim is to hopefully encourage a more vibrant video culture which means a more vibrant riding culture. This is to be attempted through the incentives of various prizes and competition against one’s peers.

Potentially this competition is of a somewhat contentious nature. Its direction within the trials community is toward those who are more inclined toward a creative style of riding. In other words, to use two generic terms, ’TGS’ and ’competition trials’ are unlikely to be successful within this competition. Despite this fact anyone is entitled to enter but the judging criteria is ’style’, ’creativity’ and ’video production’ meaning that if you lack creativity you are definitely handicapped although obviously if both your style and video production achieved 10/10 you could potentially do well. Hopefully though this might encourage people who do ride in a certain style to maybe venture outside of it. It certainly doesn’t matter what bike you ride as I can think of several individuals who ride very "trialsy" bikes in creative ways.

The competition will exist within two categories: ’novice’ and ’sponsored’. This requires qualification. ’Novice’ refers to people without any sponsorship although this is meant in a substantial sense. A ’substantial sense’ refers to, as part of sponsorship, such things as having received either a reduction in parts, being given parts or being given clothing such that you are representative, in some sense, of a company. However, for instance, if you have only received something relatively minimal such as some brake pads or just a single t-shirt, you will be allowed to enter the novice category. Because the line between each category obviously isn’t easily defined, if you think you sponsorship isn’t ’substantial’, we will require you to contact us ( to explain your exact situation so we can decide which category you will be allowed to enter. The ’sponsored’ category then is obviously defined by ’substantial’ sponsorship.

JPEG - 251.9 kb The aim of the competition is more towards the novice category and the prizes from sponsors so far are for that category. Inspired, Tartybikes, Phoenix Riders Co and Tribalzine are all contributors. Exactly what is being contributed is somewhat unclear in some regards although we can say that there are a lot of prizes and potentially some very substantial ones. They are certainly well in excess of prior video competitions. Furthermore, there will be enough prizes to ensure that lots of people will find themselves rewarded for participating. Although we want to reward what we judge to be the ’best’ overall, we also want to reward other kinds of sincere effort. To make this clear, being the ’best’ over other people isn’t what this competition is all about. It is about encouraging you to achieve your own personal best which we will do our best to recognise and hopefully reward. That being said, the most significant prizes will go to 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with secondary level prizes for ’biggest move’ and ’best overall move’. There will also be a prize for best photo that expresses something of the nature of the competition. As soon as the definite details of prizes for the novice category are known we will let you know.

Prizes for the sponsored category will be sought after this announcement. We wanted to approach additional, less partisan sponsors, with something a bit more concrete such as the existence of a Facebook page, blog, etc. and some clear interest from the community. However, since the prizes from sponsors toward the novice category have exceeded expectations this has freed up the money I was personally going to commit to the novice category. Consequently, at the very least, if no sponsorship is achieved, there will be £100 for 1st place. Hopefully though we will be able to find money for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize beginning with more money for 1st place. If this does fail I hope that out of a sense of community the riders of this category will get involved even if the prizes aren’t as good as the novice category. Perhaps if there are any sponsors reading this you might push your riders to get involved. Furthermore, if anyone can either suggest or is in contact with a possible sponsor willing to offer cash prizes then please contact me (

In terms of judging this will not be a public event. We have already selected and are in the process of selecting more judges that so far include myself, Mark Westlake, Inspired, Phoenix Riders Co. and Tribal Zine. Judges for the different categories will also differ so that we don’t have any potential issues regarding bias toward sponsored riders. Although this is probably an inescapable problem we should do our best to minimize it. We are choosing to avoid a public vote because it is common for people to simply vote for their friends or even to get friends from outside the community to vote for friends within. Although such sentiment has it’s virtue this competition is about merit and we feel that a select group of judges are better placed to achieve an assessment of this.

The competition will be run from and

When you have completed a video you will be expected to contact us at with a link to your video. Either Vimeo or Youtube is acceptable. It might even be a good idea to do both with each containing a link to the other in order to improve accessibility. We’ll place your video up on both of these sites for people to see.

Competition dates

- begins now

- ends 31st August

- judged first week of September


JPEG - 536.5 kb

Criteria for Judging

- style: the aesthetic of how you ride, smoothness, flair, ease, control, etc.

- creativity: originality, novelty, variation, etc.

- video production: filming, editing, music selection, etc. (I will qualify all of this in a separate piece in the next few days as this is less self evident than the other two criteria)

- Biggest move/line, most tech move/line

- Best photo that communicates sense of competition


Novice category

First place Inspired Element frame (24” or 26”, yellow or grey), Inspired hoody, Phoenix Riders Co. Hoody, Phoenix Riders Co. Tshirt, £30 Tarty Bikes voucher
Second place Element fork, Inspired hoody, Phoenix Riders Co. Hoody, £20 Tarty Bikes voucher
Third place Inspired bars, Inspired lock-on grips, Inspired Hoody, Phoenix Riders Co. Tshirt, £10 Tarty Bikes voucher
Individual ‘Spot Prizes’ Phoenix Riders Co. Hoody, 2x Phoenix Riders Co. Tshirt, 9x £20 Tarty Bikes vouchers
Biggest move Inspired Team pedals, Inspired shirt
Most tech move Inspired Team pedals, Inspired shirt
Most creative ‘pure trials’ line £25, Tribal Zine shirt
Best new rider 1 copy of Your Complete Guide to Trials Riding, Trash Zen tshirt
Best Photo £20 Tarty Bikes voucher

Sponsored Category

Currently £200 to be divided between first, second and third

I look forward to your entries!

To whet your appetites and provide a bit of inspiration, here’s the first entry to be received for the novice category, from Riley Doyle. Quick work!

JPEG - 43.7 kb