Phoenix Riders Co.
Saturday 19 May 2012
by Ben Swales
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Phoenix is a new British clothing company, who we discovered through our recent article on Neil Tunnicliffe, the first rider to be sponsored by this dynamic new brand. They sell their products from their online shop which can be accessed from their Facebook page, and already have some pretty cool designs available! For the moment there are just the two tshirts for sale, but there is more to come in the next few weeks, and if the tees are anything to go by, it’s all good! So who is behind it all, and what are their plans? We decided to find out.

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Phoenix Interview

Hi! We discovered your company through a recent interview with Neil Tunnicliffe and were really impressed by your designs and ethos – can you tell us a bit more about this ‘by riders for riders’ company?

Hi! Thanks for your interest in we are really glad you like the designs & products so far! You are right, it is a company run by riders, for riders. We want to take a leaf out of Red Bull’s book and use profits to put on events and create media for the enjoyment of other riders.

That’s what we like to hear! So who’s behind the Phoenix project?

The company is the creation of street rider Ian Johnstone ( One of Ian’s dreams is to open an indoor bike park in the UK, something that is suitable for all disciplines of mountain biking as well as bmx & skateboarders. JPEG - 36 kb If Phoenix gets big enough then you can be damn sure that a bike park will be on the cards. With that in mind Phoenix isn’t intended to be exclusive to trials riders, but it is a sport we love. It’s an action sports brand, there shouldn’t be prejudice against anyone because of what wheels they choose to roll on. We believe everyone is free to ride how they want to, ride free.

Alright! Why did you choose the Phoenix as your symbol? Was it inspired by your first team rider, Neil? He ‘rose from the ashes’ when he came back from his injury didn’t he? And he’s always had wings in his logo…

Neil is the ideal face for Phoenix Riders Co, as you probably already know Neil shattered his ankle a few years back when his bottom bracket snapped on a drop off. Initially there was doubt whether he would be able to walk or ride again, Dr’s thought he had been in a aeroplane crash!

He rose back to new heights after recovering from his injury, Neil literally flies across unbelievable gaps, drop gaps and now gaps to front! We couldn’t ask for a better rider for our team.

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JPEG - 205.7 kb Who are the other riders on the Phoenix team?

We have 4 big name trials riders on our team, 3 of which have already been announced: Neil Tunnicliffe, Joe Oakley & Ben Rowlands. The 4th team rider will be announced when we reach 250 likes on our Facebook page. We are already being inundated with sponsorship enquiries and while we would love to expand our team in the future, we aren’t looking to take on any more riders this year.

Your target audience is wider than just the trials community isn’t it? You’re an ‘action sports’ company; will the team expand to reflect this?

With a bit of company growth we would like to get a few BMXers & skaters on board, maybe a freerunner. We are thinking of putting together a rider support pack, that riders can get hold of at a reduced price (Look out for details on our website when it goes live in June).

What products do you currently have in your catalogue, and what sets them apart from similar products already on the market, the stylish designs apart?

JPEG - 169.1 kb Obviously, in terms of clothing, a large focus is on the designs & prints but the fit of our clothing is also very important to us. Riders commonly have an athletic figure, complimented by clothing that fits well, but also require clothing long enough in the body so they aren’t flashing too much skin! We beleive we have chosen the fit wisely and are making products available in a range of colours & sizes.

Another point we feel strongly about is keeping our products reasonably priced. We couldn’t believe our eyes recently when we checked out t-shirt prices on a large online shop and found that the average price was £25 - £30! We won’t cut corners but we will cut unnecessary costs and are currently selling t-shirts for just £17 with UK postage included. We currently have 2 designs of t-shirt available from our Facebook shop, in some limited edition colours (Click the Shop Now box).

What about international shipping, for our readers abroad?

The extra cost for international shipping is currently £2.

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Any other products in the pipeline?

Hoodies will be arriving soon and will be available in 4 different colours (Brown, Black, Green or Blue) retailing at £35 each. A 3rd t-shirt design will be available from our stand at Radfest this year, where you will be able to get hold of any of our products at a special show price! We also have another product coming, to be available in time for Radfest but we need to keep that under our hat at the moment.

That all sounds very interesting – we’ll be sure to come and pay you a visit at Radfest! Thanks for your time, and all the best for the project!

Thanks again for the interest & we look forward to reading the article!

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Teaser video: Neil Tunnicliffe HD (teaser 1)

It’s been a long time that we’ve wanted to see Neil in HD, and now we can, thanks to Phoenix! And it’s good! There are some nice slow-mo shots and some huge riding that leaves you wanting more from the full video…


Ben Rowlands with a bar spin

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Neil Tunnicliffe with a trademark rail move

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