5x5 with Flipp & Stan
Saturday 19 May 2012
by Ben Swales
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On a rare sunny Sunday Tarty Bikes riders Sam “Flipp” Packman and Stan Shaw went to Shipley Glen for a ride. With Flipp’s brakeless genius (see Flipp joins the Tarty Bikes team) and Stan’s oh-so-smooth style (Stan’s got flow !), it was sure to be a treat for anyone watching. Luckily for you guys, Clean’s Mark Westlake was there too and managed to catch some of the action on film. Here he offers a 5x5 video - five clips from each rider, demonstrating their different, yet equally as stylish and effective, approaches to trials riding. Fluidity, style, plenty of rolling, and no jerky pogo stick style riding, just how we like it! It’s a video that makes you want to turn of your PC and go riding! We particularly liked Flipp’s nosejam gap to front and sidehop off the bump (you’ll see what we mean). Enjoy...



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