Jérôme Chapuis - Sleeping Nature
Wednesday 21 March 2012
by Ben Swales
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In recent years, we have to admit, it has been street videos that have been impressing us the most and that have been providing trials with the window that it deserves, thanks largely to guys like Danny MacAskill, the Triboulats, Mark Westlake or TRA. Some big-name Elite riders have been making more of an effort with their productions however, and the quality is starting to come up to that of the street videos that we all know and love. Among them are multiple World Champion Kenny Belaey (Kenny Belaey in Monterrey), Italian Champion Paolo Patrizi (Blob), Canadian Champion John Webster (Back and Fourth), Hungarian Champion Laszlo Hegedus (Castle District) and Australian Champion Andrew Dickey (Art of Bike); and now Swiss Champion and Koxx rider Jérôme Chapuis has brought out a video to add to the list. And what a video! Amazing winter riding in the woods and on the snowy spots around Champvent, a sweet edit with music that suits the riding perfectly (My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter), the whole video is poetry on a screen… With a production quality that rivals those street videos that we mentioned, this is a video that can definitely be counted among the best of the genre. Bravo Gégé!

PNG - 347.4 kb Jérôme tells us a bit more about the video… “Basically, the idea was to do another video of myself; it’s bene a long time since I’ve done one on my own. With the Swiss title under my belt, I told myself that it was the right time to do it and to work more seriously on a video, thinking properly about the music and the shots, etc. I contacted a Swiss group who were immediately interested in the project after I showed them a mock up. Apparently they already have some more ideas n mind, so this could be the start of a longer collaboration… Who knows? In any case, it was one of the sides of trials that I wanted to show: Natural obstacles, the woods, and why not a bit of snow and ice… after all, you can ride on anything in trials! Everyone is focused on street at the moment, so I wanted to do something different, to keep things interesting. I didn’t have any pretensions, or want to compare myself with anyone with this video, just to have fun and get some good footage as a way of motivating myself and increasing my creativity at the start of the season. I’ve had a long break this winter (due to tiredness and studies) and this was a nice way of getting back into the swing of things. It was a pretty simple project when you think about it.

The result is the same, simple, yet impressive - an inspirational and beautiful video! The Swiss Champion has given us a remarkable natural video to show the other side of our sport. A great way to promote the natural side of trials, from one of its most enthusiastic and dedicated practitioners (holder of an elite national title and one of the organisers of the opening round of the 2011 World Cup). Enjoy! To follow all of Jérôme’s news and projects, check out his website, jeromechapuis.com->www.jeromechapuis.com].



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