A Day With La Bestia
Tuesday 24 January 2012
by Ben Swales
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An excellent video of the Grand Master or world 20” trials, edited by 30 year old Colombian rider Francisco "Pacho" Villegas, who has been riding himself for 15 years, for eight of which he has been teaching the discipline in his trials school. He lives in the Colombian capital of Bogotá and dedicates a lot of his time to the promotion of trials in his country through hundreds of shows each year and imports bikes and components as well. *phew!* He is the official Colombian distributor for Koxx, Zhi, Rockman and Echo. He also holds several Guiness world records, including one for balancing on his bike for 15 hours in June 2007. Mental! Check out Pacho’s website to find out more about this real personality of trials: www.pachotrial.com.

Pacho had the chance to spend a whole day with Benito Ros in October last year while the Spaniard was visiting Chile. PNG - 287 kb He has shared the experience with the rest of the trials world in this video, which shows some of the huge moves pulled by Benito during the day at a show in the Chilean capital and in training on his 20” Sky II and his 26” Grey Sky. Magnificent video, magnificent riding…



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