Crowthorne Cycle Trials Championship – Round 6 - Brackendene, Surrey
Monday 14 November 2011
by Ben Swales

Brackendene, Addlestone Moor was the location of the final Championship round for 2011 Six sections of rocks, archways, concrete tunnels and the murky stream with the cut down tree trunks that had been rolled down into the stream were on offer with five routes set out to be ridden 3 times. Two of the six sections were timed, and had 2 observers. The Elite, regrettably, no riders this time.

JPEG - 299.4 kb Section 1 was sited at the top end of Brackendene and used a side of the recently uncovered tunnel. All riders apart from beginners dropped down the rockery towards the small pathway, which is where Aaron Hopkins went over the handlebars when he used far too much front brake. The novices then had to come up the concrete spiral staircase or go around it and up the high hillside. Jamie Smith decided to go around it as it looked easier but alas didn’t make the clean when he had to take dabs coming up the slope. William Noviss on his new Echo 24” that he had purchased hours before hand and had not had any chance to get to know it took 3 dabs to get through this section, by his 3rd lap he had settled down with the bike and points were coming down

Section 2, half way down the stream, used the concrete archway which the green and white routes went through. A rusty water pipe that was off the ground had novices go over it. Lewis Farmer (Diamond back) got through this hard section for a three on his last attempt to plenty of applause. Experts had to drop off the 7 foot archway then tackle the outside of the arch to come back up, Ben Walsh on the 20” Echo was spectacular, with no faults at all.

JPEG - 239.6 kb Section 3: A fork in a tree was the first gate of this section so plenty of juggling with the pedals was needed. Most riders didn’t have a problem with it, beginners could go through the water or avoid it but they had to drop off the rocks very fast and pedal quickly up the hillside. Inters would end up just missing the water by landing on the concrete slab and then spinning the bike around to land on the small ledge. Daniel Greeves had no problem here. Sam Elphinstone, competing in only his second cycle trial, decided to tackle the novice class but struggled with the rocks. Experts had a small rock in the middle of the stream that they had to land on with just the back wheel and take off straight away, a joy to watch.

Section 4 was at the far end of the venue, using another uncovered obstacle, the ornamental disused water fountain. Plenty of hopping was needed to get to the peak of the fountain then turn at the top to take the big leap off, although this didn’t pose too much of a problem for the riders once they found their line. Inter rider Chad Lamb managed the section with no marks lost on his last attempt. Casey Moore when riding around the fountain had his mother Gaynor call out “Watch what you are doing Casey”, to which he just put his hand over his mouth and yawned but on doing so dabbed with his foot; his mother was not pleased at all.

JPEG - 193.9 kb Section 5: This was the section that inters didn’t like because one slip and they would end up knee deep in the mud. Chopped down trees that were in the water became very slippery with riders dropping points left right and centre. Danny Green and Adam Boxall were neck and neck on their 2nd lap, with just 1 point separating them. On the third lap Toby Smith had one dab here Danny had the dreaded 5 and Adam picked up a three 3

Section 6 alongside the car park another timed section of 2 minutes used more steps. This was the only section that Jack Dance had trouble with, and he could not quite clean it. This was a hard cycle trial for some as it was the first time that the stream had been used for the sections. Never the less riders did get through it. Trophies were presented after the trial. A surprise birthday cake complete with candles for Josie Keep was cut by her. Josie opted out of riding the trial and observed instead so what a treat she had .Thank you to all the observers of the day. Thank you to Helen Smith for signing on and the scoreboard functions.

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Please check the website for results:

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