Presenting... the Curve 24 2012
Friday 9 September 2011
by Ben Swales
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At the French Championship in Méribel, Ozonys boss Bruno Arnold gave us some hot gossip about his 2012 range, which will see the appearance of a new entry-level bike and a 24” version of their flagship model, the famous Curve (Ozonys... A Curve 24 and new range coming soon!).

He told us a bit about the new model: "This new Curve will be the 24” version of the popular 20” and 26” Curve, with the same lines and graphics, and with components developed specifically for 24” competition. The wheels will be really light and performance-orientated, with ultra-light spokes and nipples. The attention to detail will be extreme and we will have a real top-of-the-range 24”.". This prototype us currently being tested by Spanish Elite B Champion Juan Pedro Garcia (Juan Pedro Garcia sur le Curve 24), PNG - 246.5 kb a brilliant competitor who has shone at the highest level in 20” and who was crowned UCI Elite World Champion in 1998, the same year that Bruno won the 26” title.

Bruno Arnold has now unveiled the finished production model, and it look sgreat! It will be avai;able for riders to try out at the Ozonys / Sphère Bike stand at the French Cup round in Super Besse.

Here are some photos of the Curve 24". Click to enlarge! The production model will keep the snazzy white and green graphics, but will have a slightly different spec. The Bonz Pro Light fork will have the same colour decals as the frame and the wheels will be Bonz Pro Light as well! The weight of the bike, kitted out with Bonz Pro Light components will be around 8kg and the geometry will be 1055/368/+70/71.5°.

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