Kenny Belaey - Urban Park, La Plagne
Thursday 8 September 2011
by Ben Swales
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A few days before the World Cup in Pra Loup, GT/Adidas/RedBull Red Bull rider Kenny Bealaey, four-time Elite World Champion, was training in La Plagne. He had been invited by Serge Froissart to take part in the trials contest as part of the annual Summer Urban Plagne camp, which took over the resort from the 18th to the 21st August. It was a nice opportunity to train in the beautiful surroundings on the large artificial sections provided for the Fastt riders before the next big competition. Kenny won the contest hands down, cleaning the three sections of the final in under four minutes. a professional video maker from La Plagne, Jean-Yves «Jym» Terrillon, filmed a video of the trials star for La Plagne TV. It is now available online and is simply brilliant. Kenny “The Magician” Belaey lets his talent and imagination loose in front of the cameras, linking big passages together with a magnificent style and incredible smoothness. The editing, shots and music are all of a rare quality, and all add up to make one really cool video! You can see more images of Kenny by another La Plagne cameraman, Olivier Allamand, here.



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