Jack Carthy on his Sky 2
Thursday 8 September 2011
by Ben Swales
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Warning: this video contains BIG riding! Put together by Ross Clayton, it features Jack Carthy (Koxx/Tarty Bikes/Tribal Zine), who recently won the Cadet World Championship at the world Youth Games in Charleroi. A young rider who celebrated his 15th birthday last year, Jack already has the makings of one of the greats. At the World Cup in Antwerp he put on a spectacular show after the Elite final, showing his strength on the Elite sections from the competition that he could not take part in due to his young age (he was only 14 at the time!). he took out his Sky 2 and cleaned the sections with impressive ease (see Jack Carthy in Antwerp). A few minutes later we interviewed Kenny Belaey, who was as impressed as us, saying: “Jack Carthy will be the next World Champion. I’m certain. I see a bit of myself in him, there’s a real desire to win… When he turns 18, 19, Gilles, Vincent and Me will suffer!” (Kenny Belaey after the success of Antwerp). This video features clips from that memorable session, along with clips filmed at some recent rides at Shipley Glen and in his local town. The quality of the images isn’t very high, but the riding more than makes up for it! The boy’s a beast!


Jack Carthy in Antwerp:

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