Presenting... the Monty M5
Thursday 8 September 2011
by Ben Swales
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Monty, who celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary not long ago, had recently seemed to be resting on their laurels as far as their trials range went. Their top-of-the-range bike, the famous Kamel, remained basically unchanged since 2008 and the Spanish company seemed to be focussing most of their efforts on their mountain bike range, specifically on their new top-of-the-range carbon XC bike, the M8. The first model on the M Concept series, which uses the most advanced technologies in its design and construction, was unveiled at Eurobike 2010 in Germany and has enjoyed great success. Last week, Monty created a bit of a stir on line, presenting the new bike in the M Concept line, this time a trials bike: the M5. With this new bike, Monty are returning to the forefront of the trials scene, with a bike that is aesthetically and technically astonishing, marking without doubt a turning point for the Spanish company and for trials.

This astonishing new bike, which firmly pushes trials into the ‘Carbon Age’, was officially unveiled at the 2011 Eurobike exhibition in Friedrichshafen. Trials is not usually one of the main attractions in the exhibitions at the largest international bike fair, but this year that changed and the M5 caused quite a stir! Weighing in a 6795g, Monty’s new bike was one of the main attractions of the weekend. It is no simple exercise in style however, it is a real top-of-the-range bike, built with competition in mind, right down to the smallest detail, PNG - 332.5 kb and has been being tested in secret for almost a year by UCI European Champion and BIU World Champion Dani Comas. The flagship of Monty’s 2013 range will become available in spring 2012 and should come in at… under £3,000! Not bad when you consider all of the work and investment that will have gone into a series of this calibre. Here’s the lowdown on the M5, with some photos taken at Eurobike.

The frame is a monocoque design, made completely from carbon fibre, giving it a very unusual look, despite retaining the now characteristic curved lines of the Kamel. The drawback with carbon is it’s lower resistance to direct impacts, a common problem in trials. To mitigate this, Kevlar frame protectors cover the parts of the frame that are most susceptible to these knocks, this is, the downtube and chainstays. And what’s more, they’re replaceable! Nice feature!

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Another innovative feather is the ‘integrated’ drivetrain. The chain passes through the chainstay, protecting it to an extent and allowing for a more optimum chain line.

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Monty had fallen behind in the components market as well, but this bike shows that 2012 will change all that. Everything has been reviewed, changed and optimised right down to the finest of details. At the front end is a fully carbon fork (the first 20” carbon fork we’ve seen), and a carbon handlebar has finally made its way into the Monty range, along with a single-wall rim, new Eagle Claw V2 tyres, announced as the lightest on the market! The new cranks are unlike anything that’s available, with a huge hole in the middle and knurling on the side to give grip and support to the feet on certain moves. A lot of work has also gone into the hubs, which are now up-to-date with the competition. There is also a smattering of titanium n the drive train, on the freewheel, BB axle and sprocket. Nice!

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