Danny MacAskill on Destination Glisse
Sunday 3 July 2011
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 19.5 kb Throughout the summer, France Télévision will be showing a programme called Destination glisse on France Ô. Every Saturday at 19:40, this skiing and extreme sports programme will point its cameras at a different point on the globe, with the aim of showing off the local alternative culture (sport, art and music) by giving a portrait of a ski, extreme sport, music or art star and presenting their favourite spots.

This week the focus is on Great Britain, and who better to represent our country’s extreme sports culture than the man that has been causing a sensation on Youtube and beyond since 2009, Dann MacAskill? France TV dedicated a whole report to this extreme sportsman who created a buzz across the globe not once, but twice. PNG - 277.2 kb The Puzzle Média team responsible for the show retraced the extraordinary steps of the Scottish phenomenon, with the help of two riders from the disciplines that Danny unites in his riding , BMX and trial: World BMX flatland Champion Matthias Dandois and Tribal Zine’s editor-in-chief and webmaster, Mister Jébegood!

For those of us that can’t get French TV, here is the report, in full, that Desitination Glisse ran on ‘our Danny’. Thanks to Simon Amouyal and his team!


Check out the Pluzz / Destination Glisse website for more info.


The lovely Karine Lima, who races cars, quad bikes and jet skis when she isn’t presenting Destination Glisse!

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The man himself, the incredible Danny "MegaSkill"!

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BMX pro Matthias Dandois gives his opinion on the MacAskill phenomenon: “He does everything that BMX street riders do, but he does it better and on a bigger bike.

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Trials rider and Tribal webmaster Jébegood talks us through Danny’s amazing journey, rounding up the report by saying “Not only is he a phenomenal rider, but Danny has a great personality. He is down to earth, doesn’t get stressed and lives his passion to the full. What’s amazing is that, despite all of his success, he hasn’t changed at all. And that’s fantastic. It’s a great example for all of us!”

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