Champvent by Sergio
Friday 1 July 2011
by Ben Swales
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Thw world’s No. 1 trials photographer, Photo by Sergio, was in Champvent last weekend for the opening round of the 2011 World Cup. He had one mission: to capture the world’s best riders in action on the monstrous sections. Mission accomplished? And how! Sergio told us that he was amazed by the quality of the organisation and the event, the beauty of the sections and the intensity of the 26” final, with a “final lap worthy of a Hollywood film”.

PNG - 263.6 kb two galleries from the event are already online, dedicated to the two riders who managed perfect trials in the qualifiers: Gilles Coustellier and Dani Comas. As ever, the images are of exceptional quality; a real treat! Click on a photo below to access the full gallery. Watch this space for more from Sergio!

Gilles Coustellier showed his determination to keep his World Cup title, finishing the semi-final with 0 points and winning the final, which was a fantastic spectacle, with a final lap of zero that saw him atop the podium.

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The new European Champion Dani Comas started his World Cup campaign very well, coming in clean in both of the qualifying events. The final was more difficult however, and he finished in third place!

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