The new K-124 website
Friday 20 May 2011
by Ben Swales
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K-124, the market leader of the trials world and sponsor of your No. 1 trials news and information site, have started 2011 in style. A new range of quality bikes, the setting up of K-124 Land, the best K-124 Days yet, and now a brand new website! This modern, dynamic and stylish website provides a window for all of the group’s news, with regular videos and updates on all of their activities: trials (Koxx Trial) racing (Koxx Race), unicycling (Koxx-One), scooters (French-ID), street (24 Bicycles), flatland (A Bad Thing) and K-124 Land, which is starting to take shape as we speak. We’re proud to see that the K-124 Days by Tribal Zine video, created by Marcus Gelhrad for K-124 and Tribal Zine, takes pride of place on the landing page!

The new K-124 home page124. Click on the image to check it out!

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What it looks like on a mobile…

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The K-124 Days by Tribal Zine video takes pride of place in the Koxx Trial section!

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