K-124 Days 2011 by Tribal Zine
Monday 16 May 2011
by Ben Swales

PNG - 354.4 kb K-124 Days is the first international competition of the year, and it’s also the hardest! As usual, we brought you ‘live’ updates, including photos, results and news, from this extraordinary event. Once again, this year’s edition pushed the bar even higher, pushing the riders further and providing an ever more intense and exciting spectacle. Alain Rémy and his 80 volunteers from the Bike Trial Franc Comtois club really excelled themselves; the sections were excellent, the organisation was impeccable and the weather was perfect (although they may not be able to take the praise for that). Check out our write-up of the first day for more details on how it went. The second and final day was even better than the first. The weather was sunnier, there were many more spectators than on the previous day and the sections, which had been altered overnight and were even crazier than the previous day’s, pushed the riders to their very limits. See our write-up of day twohere and full results for the whole weekend here.

The talented German filmmaker Marcus Gelhard (Gpoint) has already finished the official K-124 Days 2011 video which he has created on behalf of K-124 et Tribal Zine. It takes you right into the heart of the Super Elite competition, allowing you to witness the action as though you were really there! Watch as a merciless Gilles Coustellier flys round the course, leaving his opponents with no hope of catching him, Vincent Hermance, super-motivated and bolstered by the presence of Marc Vinco, gives everything in his attempt to knock Gilles off the top spot and as Benito Ros, despite some moments of brilliance, does not quite match up to the two French giants. JPEG - 137.9 kb The footage in this video is quite simply beautiful, capturing every moment, every look and every emotion, with some fantastic slow-mo shots, all in full HD. Marcus told us a bit about his work on the project: “I’ve really progressed with my camera work and I think I have some great shots of this event. The shots that I took with the quadrocopter were a bit unsteady, so I haven’t used them. You’ll have to wait for next year for that! I wanted to include only the best clips in this video, which is already over 23 minutes long! I’m really pleased with the intro; it’s 3:43 long and focuses on the riders’ warm-up. Then we move on to day one and day 2.”.

We’ll leave you to enjoy this magnificent video of an unforgettable weekend. Turn up the sound, whack it on full screen and don’t forget to watch in HD; this is a real work of art! Thanks Marcus!!



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