New products from Koxx & Try-All for 2011
Friday 14 January 2011
by Ben Swales
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K-124 House in Coulommiers have received some new Try-All products in the last couple of weeks, which we haven’t shown you all of. Here are some photos and some info on these new products developed by K-124 and their riders. The new Koxx Sky 2 bikes made it into the catalogue just before Christmas. The team riders were the first to receive theirs and a new shipment is expected soon; you can pre-order yours on the website.

The 26" full Magura HS33 model. Price: €1799.

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The 20" full Hope model. Price: €1999.

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The new Try-All Aluminium 26" HS33 fork. Price: €99.

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The new 2011 Try-All No War Carbon bars, with a cool new design. We are already on the third generation of Try-All carbon bars. Today, this is an indispensable component for every self respecting top-of-the-range comp build. When these carbon bars first came out, there were plenty of detractors. Since then however, they have earned their stripes on the bikes of many of the top elite riders and is the weapon of choice for a lot of comp riders.

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The K-124 research department were one of the first to embark on the development of a carbon trials fork. Again, when the project was unveiled at K-124 Days 2010 (The K-124 Days exclusive exhibition & K-124 test a carbon fork), there were a lot of sceptics. We expect to see this component in the sections and reckon it has a great future. Here’s a look at the fork, fitted to Vincent Hermance’s Sky 2. The bike is kitted out with Ti (Bolts, BB and pedal exels) and carbone (Try-All No War bars and proto forks) components and weighs in at just 7.650 kg! That IS light!

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