Vitoria 2010 by Mireia Martin
Thursday 18 November 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 57.3 kb A couple of weeks ago their was a huge street ride orgainsed by Miguel Ruiz in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Basque Country. Forty-odd riders made the trip after the ride was promoted on the Trials-Riders forum. It was a great weekend of trials with grass roots trials riders rubbing shoulders with the country’s best competitors and street riders, including 20” World Champion Benito Ros (Koxx) or Ozonys rider Diego Barrio. This humility among it champions is almost unique to our sport and set it apart from all others. Here is a collection of top quality photos by Catalan photographer Mireia Martin, who you should all be familiar with by now. She has distinguished herself as a trials photographer with the quality of her photographs, which she takes at local, national and international events. PNG - 297.3 kb She’s been a real boon for the trials media this year!

Mireia has created two galleries from this ride: Vitoria-Gasteiz Street with Benito Ros and Diego Barrio part 1 & Vitoria-Gasteiz Street with Benito Ros and Diego Barrio part 2. Click on a photo below to go to the galleries!

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