Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home
Tuesday 16 November 2010
by Ben Swales
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Red Bull / Inspired / Tarty Bikes rider Danny MacAskill is the best-known trials rider on the planet: he brought trials an unprecedented media audience with the incredible buzz generated by his astonishing Youtube video April ‘09, a video which when Danny appeared on the cover of Trial Magazine (the first time a bicycle had been featured on the cover!) a year later had been viewed more than 15 million times! It didn’t stop there either: the most-viewed sports video on the internet has now been viewed over 20 millions times.

Danny “MegaSkill”’s new project, “Way Back Home” was announced a couple of weeks ago and went live on the Red Bull website today. Filming, direction and editing is once again courtesy of Danny’s mate Dave Sowerby, but with a it more technical clout behind him this time. The video takes us from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye and Dunvegan, Danny’s home town. The result is, of course, as good as we were all hoping it would be. Granted, it doesn’t leave as much of an impression on first watch as April ’09 did, taking the trials world by storm, perhaps because we’d been granted a couple of teasers and were expecting the video, but the magic is definitely still there and once you settle in you realise just how good this video is! PNG - 250.4 kb The scenery, editing and, of course, the riding are all far better than any trials video we’ve seen. The flair is succeeded by a front flip, another first for Danny to sign his name to. The rest of the riding demonstrates a creaticity that is second to none. “My only limitation is my own imagination”, as Danny said in his Trial Mag interview… chalk up to his name. There’s nothing more to say about this video so we’ll let you get watching – careful though, it’s addictive!



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