Roland Kiss, Tribal Rider
Wednesday 27 October 2010
by Ben Swales
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Roland Kiss is a young Romanian rider who was introduced to us by Thibaut Marriaux at the end of last year when he signed him to the TMS/Bikevision team. Romanian competitions take a contest format and last year this young rider had won four of the six contests organised in the Junior category. This year he was riding in Elite and continued on his trajectory. The videos that he has been sending us thourhgout the year have showed constant progression in his riding (Kiss Roland - Printemps 2010) and he shone once again in the Romanian contests. In August, in the Colibita Bike Fest, he was on the Elite podium for the first time in his life, finishing in third place behind Alexe Baiesiu and Bogdan Campean. He mirrored the performance in September at the eighth International Trial Jam in Oradea, finishin in third place behind Hungarian Adam Erdelyi and Alexe Baiesiu. and finally, in his latest contest on the 1st October in Iasi, he took the win ahead of Robert Kovacs and Gabor Orban! Bravo Roland!

PNG - 247.5 kb Roland joined the Tribal Riders a few months ago and has worn our colours in the contests that he has entered since. Thanks for your support Roly! He has sent us his latest video, filmed on the streets of Oradea a few days ago, with two cameras. The riding is as stylish as ever, with a clean and precise feel to it. Roland pulls some nice sidehops and hooks and attacks rails with his front and rear wheels with impressive ease. As a little bonus, he tests 20" at the end of the video and seems to be just as at home on little wheels! Enjoy...

To keep up with Roland’s news and activities, check out his blog !



Roland’s three latest contests and podiums... Colibita, Oradea and Iasi...

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