Laszlo Hegedus in Gyöngyös
Friday 8 October 2010
by Ben Swales
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Here’s a new video from the Hungarian Cup final, which took place a couple of weeks ago in Gyöngyös, 75km from the capital Budapest. It was a typical Hungarian competition with enormous wooden, concrete and metal obstacles set out in the very centre of the town, and was won by Adrian Lengyel) in Elite and by Laszlo Hegedus in Sper-Elite.

This video was produced by P1sti Productions and is dedicated to Laszlo Hegedus. We see the Koxx / Monster rider making short work of the monstrous sections that would be worthy of any World Cup round. Speaking of which, Laszlo distinguished himself in the 2010 World Cup, winning the final of the Biella round in June. He also finished in tenth place in the European Cup and fifteenth in the World Championships in Canada. Click below to see the Hungarian grand master at work!



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