Simon Decayeux - Difference (1)
Thursday 7 October 2010
by Ben Swales , Richard Furlong

GIF - 29.3 kb Simon Decayeux is that most rare of things in France, a street rider. He is a young rider sponsored by Koxx, Mecadrink energy drinks and Kenny Racing and comes from Normandy - a place where you can count the trials riders on the fingers of one hand. He joined the Tribal Zine team at the beginning of the season, and we got to know him better through an interview (Simon Decayeux, Tribal Rider).

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Two weeks ago we rode with him at a show, and we can tell you that he is as impressive in real life as he is on-screen. This is an uncompromising street rider who needs no excuse to get on his bike and hone his skills, without forgetting to relax every now and then, and who takes care to prepare physically: this guy is a sidehop machine, he clears 8 pallets with style and ease, and he is no stranger to “English tricks”. We will soon be publishing photos from this highly–charged session, in which he was up against an experienced rider from our team. He told us that for a few weeks he had been working on a new video, which features even better clips than his last one, with some clips filmed in a field on some hay bales, where he gave himself a bit of a fright! Original... Here is the first part of this new video and frankly, it is amazing; it’s got great moves, great lines, and it’s filmed on a number of different cameras. So it would seem that France really does have street riders! Curiously though, to find them you have to go to the shores of the Channel, right opposite England. Nice one Simon, cheers! We’ll be telling you more about this lad – who, as well as being so talented is also a thoroughly nice guy- in the coming days.



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