Mont Sainte-Anne by Frédéric Johnson (2/2)
Tuesday 5 October 2010
by Ben Swales
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Amateur photographers had more photo opportunities than they could shake a stick at in Mont Sainte-Anne for the World Championships. Tribal Zine brought you, from day one, some exceptional collections of photos by Quebec photographer Michel Roy. No-one will forget his photos immortalising Kenny Belaey and the other Elite and Junior Champions…

Another important Quebec-based media collective have shared their photos of the event with us: Photo Sport Québec is a website for professional photographers who cover the most important sporting events in Quebec (like the Canadian Nascar Grand Prix and the Monreal Nascar for exampl), and who collaborate with numerous magazines (including Pole-Position).

Photo Sport Québec sent their photographer Frédéric Johnson to the World Championships in Monde de Mont Sainte. Fréd is 25 years old and comes from Montreal. He earns his living as a postman, window cleaner and Photo Sport Québec studio photographer. He is also a snowboard teacher and trials rider (check out his Youtube). He was there at the opening ceremony of the Taz park I nMontreal with Thibaut Veuillet and it was his photos that illustrated our articles (Taz 1 & Taz 2). Fréd has been taking photos since he was 12, starting with film before moving to digital. As a rider, he had this to say about the event: “It was massive! The conditions, with the wind and the rain, were really difficult! PNG - 314.1 kb Bravo to Tibo for organising it all and for designing such great sections! Being a rider myself I was really impressed to see all of the world’s best riders riding the sections!” Fréd has sent us his photos from the event, an collection of intense and impressive photos every bit as good as Michel Roy’s. Here are the Junior 26” photos… Thanks Fréd!

The Spanish flag was pretty much the backdrop for the 2010 worlds... Spain, team World Champions, shone in all categories. Young prodigy Ion Areitio piled up the cleans in both 20" and 26" to take the double win.

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Swiss rider David Bonzon, who recently took the Cadet title in the World Youth Games in Poland, qualified for the Junior 20" & 26" finals. He finished in seventh place in 20" and came very close to winning the 26" title: he was separated form Ion on most cleans and just missed out!

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Marius Merger (France), is another versatile rider. He took bronze in Junior 20" and just missed the podium in Junior 26".

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Spaniard Rafael Tibau, 5th in Junior 26".

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Frenchman Valentin Gaucher rode well and placed 6th.

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British Elite 20" Champion Sam Oliver also rode in both 20" and 26", finishing fourth in 20" and qualifying for the final in 26", finishing in eighth place.

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And to finish off, Fréd has sent us some photos of the other disciplines represented in Canada... Cross Country, Downhill and Four Cross !

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