Nicolas Luque in demo mode
Wednesday 23 June 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 186.2 kb Top TMS-Bikevision rider Nicolas Luque, the man who can sidehop higher than the Sun, was in demo mode this weekend at a bike festival. Quentin Chaumy from the Newbike Agency, a sports photography, design and communications company, was there and has sent us these photos of the showman in action. We’ve included a small selection of his shots below, head over to the Newbike Agency Gallery to see the rest. You will notice that they have been edited and we think that the result is pretty interesting!

Thanks to Quentin for the photos!

JPEG - 356.8 kb JPEG - 325.8 kb JPEG - 361.3 kb JPEG - 449 kb JPEG - 345 kb JPEG - 310.8 kb JPEG - 474.7 kb JPEG - 351.4 kb JPEG - 321.9 kb