Gilles at Cerny by Sergio
Wednesday 16 June 2010
by Ben Swales
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Our partner Photo by Sergio, the grand master of trials photography, was on hand in the Cerny sections last weekend. He’s sent us the first of his galleries, dedicated to the Big Boss Gilles Coustellier, French, European and World Champion for two years running. He showed himself to be on top form and without mercy: Gilles has reached a level physical and technical ability that takes your breath away. He took the Cerny sections, that many of the Elite riders compared to those of a World Cup final, completely in his stride! He made it look all too easy, playing around on even the biggest obstacles. For example, on the giant slab of rock that you can see in the photos below, which stood 1.8m tall, Gilles got up on top, steadied himself, got on his back wheel and just before launching for the next obstacle, he asked the observer for the time remaining before finishing the move as if it were nothing! When he landed we asked him “Hey Gilles, reckon you could have taken a hand off and waved to the crowd? ”... “yeah, easy, but it’d be a bit of a risk (laughs) ” Click on a photo below to see the rest of Serio’s excellent gallery!

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