Dani Comas - March 2010
Thursday 8 April 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 27.1 kb Here are the latest three videos of the great Dani Comas; great in both size (6’3”) and in his performances (several BIU world titles, one UCI world title, current Spanish and European Champion). In the first, we see the top Spanish Monty rider in action in the sections at the first round of the Championship of Catalonia 2010, which took place on the 28th March in Torredembarra. Dani won the elite competition with the perfect trial (0 points), ahead of Eduard Planas and Angel Battle. There are a few photos from the comp further down; click on one to go to Marcelo Multari’s gallery.

The two other videos were filmed at two recent shows: the first at the BMX World Cup in Madrid and the second in Aldea in Catalonia. You can keep up with all of Dani’s news on his website: www.danicomas.com!

Videos :

Dani in Torredembarra...

Dani in Madrid...

Dani in Aldea...


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