K-124 Days by Nico Bahro
Tuesday 6 April 2010
by Ben Swales
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All weekend Tribal Zine brought you live coverage of the first big international event of the season, K-124 Days 2010, which took place this year at the Tour de Scay. Almost our whole staff were their to bring you news, results, photos and videos and to make the most of the spectacle and ride when we had the time. Some of us could count the hours of sleep that we got over the weekend on one hand! Among these passionate riders were a few very talented professionals.

First of all, Marcus Gelhard (GPoint), who managed to pull off a pretty amazing feat: our video-editor-in-chief edited the first video footage from the event on-site on Saturday night between the hours of midnight and 2am and uploaded the teaser on Sunday morning! We were all surprised to find the video online at 7am and the viewing figures bear witness to the quality of this hot-off-the-press video! The HD cameras captured some incredible clips and cover the Super-Elite competition in its entirety. The team interviewed all of the main players during the event. Put simply, this is going to be a crazy video!

Also present as part of the team was a professional photographer, another rider hailing from Germany, Nico Bahro, who has offered a fresh perspective on the two days of competition; that of a trials rider, but also that of an artist and a professional. Now, the day after the event, Nico has sent us a selection of his photos, which are quite different to those that we are used to seeing in the trials world… Thanks Nico!

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