Noni by Virgil Poteaca
Tuesday 23 February 2010
by Ben Swales

PNG - 353.3 kb Ioan Alexe Baiesiu, alias Noni on the web, is one of the best Elite riders in Romania and has been on most of the podiums this year, alongside our super-rider Bogdan, the current Romanian Champion. This friendly 24 year old is sponsored by Atomz and rides a Quark.

Noni has sent us some superb photos, taken at the start of the year by Virgil Poteaca, a young photographer and MTB fanatic (he rides DH). They were taken in their home town of Bistrita on a recent street ride. We’d like to thank both of the guys for these photos, we can’t stop looking at them!

More photos from this session, including some of Romanian rider Marius Bark, this way: / Noni in concediu !

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