Supermance in Carro by Sergio
Friday 19 February 2010
by Ben Swales
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The Photo by Sergio staff are on the road again - they set of on a new adventure a few days ago! They will be stopping of with a few champions, from the bicycle and motorbike worlds, including Vincent Hermance! Sergio sent us a sneak preview of what was to come, with an aerial photo of Supermance from a photo shoot that took place this weekend by a particularly turbulent sea! The meeting took place near Martigues, at a spot that is well-known among surfers and bodyboarders: Carro Beach. There were high winds, which they didn’t stop Vince from going big, although it was a bit hardcore! It was also difficult to get decent photos in these conditions!

PNG - 318.2 kb Before hitting the road again the following morning, Sergio published the gallery of this extreme session with Vince (K-124/Koxx)! He told us that he wasn’t very happy with how the shots had turned out, but he is a perfectionist after all! We think they turned out great! Click on a photo below to see the full gallery, and watch this space over the next few days, there’s plenty more where that came from!

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