New Tribal Zine logo for 2010
Friday 12 February 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 16.9 kb Tribal Zine has a lot of big projects planned for 2010, including one that will be unveiled next week. One of our current priorities, which has taken up a lot of our free time lately, is to update our logo and get it printed onto a new series of clothing, including T-shirts, sweaters and caps. Several designers are working on the Tribal Zine logo to bring it into the new decade and about fifteen have already been created. Unfortunately, none of them grabbed us as we had hoped they would, which just goes to show that the 2009 logo can’t have been that bad! Here’s the result of our latest design session, a brainstorm with our in-house designer that lasted several hours this morning. We think we’re on the right track. We started with our 2009 logo and worked on a new font. We kept the Tribal Zine icon, the freewheel in the centre of a biohazard symbol, that represents the goal of the site: to spread the trials virus. We added a bit more character to the whole logo, aiming for something a bit more modern and tribal at the same time. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment underneath this article, on our facebook page or in the Tribal Zine news thread on Trials-Forum...

The Tribal Zine logo for 2010:

GIF - 12.2 kb

The Tribal Zine logo from 2009:

GIF - 23 kb

The 2010 Tribal Zine logo on a black T-shirt:

JPEG - 23.6 kb

JPEG - 35.9 kb

On a red T-shirt:

JPEG - 35.9 kb

JPEG - 52.8 kb

On a blue T-shirt:

JPEG - 38 kb

JPEG - 49.7 kb