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Wednesday 3 February 2010
by Ben Swales
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Aurélien Fontenoy is the No. 1 rider in the Rhône-Alps region, a title which he defended to the hilt this year, winning the recent Rhône-Alps Elite Championship. He is also one of the best riders in the world; in 2007 he won both Junior world titles (20" & 26") at Fort William, and had a great season as a part of the Atomz team: he put in a brilliant performance at the second round of the World Cup in Heubach, finishing fourth, ahead of Giacomo Coustellier and Marc Caisso! All this did not happen by chance, as Aurélien explained: “I’ve just come out of a hard winter’s training and I’m more motivated than ever. I’m really happy with the start of my season and I hope to continue in the same way!” Aurélien went on to finish fourth in the European Championship in Zoertemeer and sixth in the Canberra World Championship.

PNG - 387.8 kb Aurélien ended his partnership with Atomz in October. Goodby Quark, Marc Caisso and Giacomo Coustellier. Aurélien now rides for Inpulse, the new brand that his brother Cédric has recently launched. The bike, which Cédric has been developing for a number of years now, is very refined and Cédric decided to realise his dream of running his own trials company and his brother is the first rider for the brand, who are setting up a team of 20” and 26” riders.

JPEG - 26.8 kb Inpulse have recently uploaded their website,, on which you can follow all of their news and discover their products, riders and their shop! The R26 has been added to the catalogue: they arrived recently and are currently being anodise in a factory in Annecy. In about two weeks the R20 (3D image on the site) will have alaso arrived.

The Inpulse website...

Click below to head over to the new site…

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A new video...

Inpulse are now online and what better to mark the occasion than a video? Here is the brand’s No. 1 rider in training and going big! It’s a shame that the quality’s not very high, but the riding makes up for it!


The Inpulse R26:

Here is the flyer for the R26, a direct decendent of Cédric’s SX, with a new colour scheme and a few improvements, including a new tensioning system, an intehrating bash and a machined headtube. In short, it’s a very modern bike aimed at top-level competition…

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A closer look at Aurélien Fontenoy’s prototype...

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Aurélien in action...

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