Best of Orban B. Gabor
Wednesday 20 January 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 42.9 kb Orban-Barra Gabor is a young Romanian rider that we know quite well... He’s a friend of Tribal Rider Bogdan, and we got to spend some time with him at Koxx-K124 Days 2008 and 2009. Orban is one of the best riders to come out of Romania. The 20 year old, from Saint-George in Transylvania, is a trials and competition fanatic who rides for Koxx on a Hydroxx II. In 2007 he won the last Romanian Junior title, and has been a regular on the national podiums: he finished third in the Senior competition at the Bistrita Indoor in November and in Oradea in December.

Below, Orban shows us the highlights of his season, in video and photo form. To find out more about this talented young rider, head over to his blog!




The 2007 Junior title...

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The 2009, photos from Romania and Hungary... JPEG - 61.7 kb

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