Morgan Driessens in training
Monday 18 January 2010
by Ben Swales

PNG - 247.9 kb In Australia it’s not just the kangaroos that hop about, as our correspondent Mitch Ho regularly reminds us. Last year he brought a rider to our attention who, a few months later, made it through to the final of the Elite World Championship in Canberra, the talented Joe Brewer. You can see Joe’s latest street video in our article Street in Melbourne!

Mitch has just sent us a video of a young rider from Brisbane who finished 20th in the Canberra World Championship and 33rd in the Rotorua World Cup: Morgan Driessens. It shows him in training on some artificial obstacles and on the rocks of the Toohey Forest. Morgan is no longer riding his Monty Kamel, but an Onza Limey 3 20". He is preparing himself for the Australian Championship, which takes place this weekend, if the weather allows it… Mitch informs us that the temperature in Australia at the moment is 33°C and that there is a risk of forest fires. And to think that most European riders are unable to ride because of the snow! Mitch will keep us posted with the results from the Australian nationals and will send us some media next week. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this little gem…



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