Interview with Raúl Gutiérrez
Thursday 7 January 2010
by Ben Swales
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We recently had the chance to speak to Spanish Elite rider Raúl Gutiérrez, who rides for Chorrillas, about the past season and his aspirations for 2010.

As usual, Raúl was happy to answer our questions, and was very excited about the project with which he is involved and is looking forward to competing again this year.


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Álvaro López (Tribal Zine): OK Raúl, so this season you didn’t manage to get the results that perhaps you were hoping for, can you tell us a bit about the season and your feelings throughout?

Raúl Gutiérrez: Everything went more or less OK, the only thing that didn’t come right for me were the results, but that was down to bad luck like last season. It was a bit strange. At the World Championship I was in second place, four points ahead of Javi, until section seven of the second lap. I messed up on an easy move in that section, which meant that my dream was shattered, but that’s the nature of competition – you have to ride your best from the first section of the first lap to the last section of the second lap. If you make a mistake you’re out!

A.L.: During the last season you changed sponsors from Monty to Chorillas, swapping your Kamel for an Echo. What were the reasons for this change?

R.G.: I needed a change. Monty is Monty, as we all know, and to be one of the chosen few made me very happy and I was proud to ride for them – it had always been a dream of mine. However, I feel that they have a very ‘closed’ way of looking at things, which didn’t work to well with my way of seeing things. Only two people’s opinions matter within the company and I never felt the way that I do now while I was riding for Monty. Now I’m working on the development of a new bike, testing new material and above all, I’m very comfortable in the team. I think it’s going to be a good year, I’m training hard and I’ve got the World Championship ‘thorn in my side’ to spur me on… (laughs) I’m really motivated and I want to get good results for the guys at Chorillas, to pay them back for their confidence in me. JPEG - 41.3 kb

A.L.: So what are you main objectives for this season?

R.G.: I’m going to try to get on the podium in the National and World Championships. I know that this might not seem very ambitious, but believe me, the national championship is tough and the worlds…. They’re REALLY tough! Everyone is on top of their game, training hard, but I’m keeping an eye on what I’m doing and things are going well. I’ve been preparing and training well since November – I’m going to work hard to achieve my goals.

A.L.: Tell us a bit about your bike and the changes you are planning to make for the next one. Have you had a hand in the development?

R.G.: The Echo is a very sensitive bike, very easy and comfortable to ride. I’m getting on with it a lot better than the Kamel, whose back end was a bit long for my liking. We managed to get the Echo down to a weight of 7.9kg for the worlds; a bike that light is a real pleasure to ride! As for the new bike, the Chorillas, I think it’s a bike that everyone will like, with its daring and innovative design. As with the distinctive hump of the Kamel, as soon as you see the Chorillas you’ll know it’s different. I spent all of last week in Barcelona training with Dani and working on the design of the new bike and I think it’s going to be great!

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A.L.: Will you be competing in any UCI rounds this year?

R.G.: No. That’s an easy answer. I don’t like it. I respect it, but I don’t like it. The format of the comps, the sections, I just don’t get on with it. I like Biketrial, the five hours of competition, the consecutive sections, and above all, the ‘pure’ trials element, out there in the middle of nature. That’s what I dislike the most about the UCI – the indoor style sections. I prefer rocks, earth, rivers, everything that trials should be, and two minutes in the sections…. Simply put, those are the reasons I won’t be riding UCI.

A.L.: How do you see Biketrials at the moment and in the near future?

R.G.: I’m pleased to see that there are four rounds in the national championship again. Not so many in the worlds, but hopefully that’ll improve.

A.L.: Thanks very much for talking to us Raúl and all the best for 2010!

R.G.: Anytime! And thanks for all you’re doing. Bye!


A few photos from the BIU World Championship in Ping Tang, China, taken by the Seub Romeu family. Thanks to!

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