Kiss Roland Video
Sunday 22 November 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 271.2 kb Kiss Roland is one of the most promising riders to come out of Romania. He has just turned 18 and already has two Junior Romanian Champion titles (2006 & 2008) under his belt! This year, unfortunately, there was no national championship, although there were five trials competitions organized in various town around the country. Kiss took part in four and won three of them, including the Britista Indoor, and you could say that despite the lack of official title, he was once again the country’s junior champion. Kiss joined the TMS-Bikevision team last month and Thibaut Marriaux sent us a collection of photos of his new recruit (Kiss Roland, TMS-Bikevision rider).

The young rider has now sent us his latest video, which he made for a video competition on the Romanian forum, in which we see him riding his old bike, a Gu Le. The electro soundtrack is a refreshing change from the heavy metal that seems to be de rigeur on most web videos these days, and the very smooth, ‘UCI’ style riding and interesting edit make for seven minutes of very easy watching. Below the video are a few photos of Kiss and his new bike, the TMS Evo 3. Kiss is currently working on a new video on this new bike, and of course, we’ll let you know as soon as it comes out!



Kiss & his Evo 3 :

JPEG - 208.2 kb

JPEG - 242.2 kb

JPEG - 222.5 kb

JPEG - 230.3 kb

JPEG - 245.4 kb

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