French Cannibals in Italy
Sunday 22 November 2009
by Ben Swales
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Last month, we onformed you of the creation of an unusual bar just ten minutes from Milan; the “Snack and Trekking Bar”, opened by trials fanatic Ivan Bugatti. The bar is unusual because it has a back room dedicated to trials, an indoor trials park of 1000sq meters with artificial rock sections! On the 21st of September, BIU president, Hiroshi Hirano, made the trip over to visit the bar and was very impressed; he said that he’d never seen anything like it! Our super-rider David Patorino decided that he had to go and check it out and went with Ozonys’ No1 rider Guillaume Dunand. On the way, theu stopped off at the Lazatte trials park, where last year, at the end of the season, Gilles Coustellier did something remarkable ( Gilles Coustellier in Lazzate & Gilles Coustellier by Zeri Captivi Pictures). David told us a bit about his trip to Italy…

French Cannibals in Italy...

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“After reading the news on Tribal Zine and managing to find some time that we both had free, Guillaume and I set off for Lugano, near Milan, where this famous trials bar, the “Snack and Trecking Bar” is situtated. More than just a bar, it has a great indoor trials park in the back room and a great staff: Pool, the Italian Champion, Papapool, Pool’s dad and a well known face on the Italian trials scene, Ivan, and all of the bar’s staff who welcomed, lodged and fed us, as well as showing us all of the local trials spots.

Those of you with a good eye will recognize some sections from a Gilles Coustellier video… The outdoor area is enormous, in all senses of the word, and you can see tyre marks from some of the best riders in the world…

We spent three crazy days in an incredible place that is WELL worth a visit. A big thanks to Pool, Papapool, Ivan, Mamapool and to anyone else that we may have forgotten!

You might want to check out these other Italian trials sites: &

The rocks at Lazatte...

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The back room at the Snack & Trekking Bar...

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If you think you’d like to head over to ride the Snack & Trekking Bar rocks, give Ivan Bugatti a ring on +39 320 0944663 or email him at !