Javi Alonso in Siberia
Sunday 15 November 2009
by Ben Swales
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Spanish 20" rider Javi Alonso is one of the best riders on the Monty team. He has had a remarkable season on the BIU circuit, winning the titles of Vice-World Champion in Tang Ping, China, and European Vice-World Champion in Darfo Bario Terme in Italy. Javi is also sponsored by electro-rock group The Prodigy! He bumped into the singer in an airport on one of his many travels and told him that he had been a fan for years and that he used their music as the soundtrack to the shows that he puts on all around the world. The singer invited him to a show in London on their "Invaders Must Die" tour and they struck a deal and Javi is now sponsored by record label "Take Me To The Hospital" (Javi Alonso & ’The Prodigy’ musical band). Cool...

JPEG - 50.5 kb Javi recently went to Siberia on the invitation of Taras Filatov, a Russian trials fanatic and DJ (DJ Feel TM). Taras has just uploaded an HD video of the trip. It shows Javi on his new Kamel XXV in an enormous indoor complex dedicated to skateboarding, blading, BMX and trials, in Krasnoyarsk. Ce dernier vient de mettre en ligne une vidéo HD qui retrace le trip de Javi. On le voit rider sur son nouveau Kamel XXV dans un énorme complexe indoor dédié au skate, roller, bmx et trial, à Krasnoyarsk. Javi shows of some impressive moves, of which the static sidehops with his front wheel resting on the obstacle are our favourites!



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