Danny Butler #1 at Shipley
Monday 19 October 2009
by Ben Swales
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The British season came to an end this weekend at Shipley Glen. Atomz rider Danny Butler was crowned UCI British Champion on the Saturday and won the UCI British Cup on the Sunday. 2009 has been a great year for the rider from Staffordshire; he took the double, winning both the UCI and BIU national titles, with the UCI British Cup as the icing on the cake!

The 2009 UCI British Championship took place on Saturday… The sun was shining but it was windy, which made things difficult for riders and observers alike! The rain arrived later in the day to make the sections just a little bit harder… The 2009 British Championship podiums…

RankElite 26" Elite 20" Expert 26" Expert 20"
1 Danny Butler Sam Oliver Aaron Cosbey Jack Carthy
2 Joe Oakley James Sheridan Adam Bessell Ryan Trickett
3 James Porter Tom Rankin Andrew Walker Ryan Crisp
RankCadet Intermediate Novice Primary
1 Jamie Bew Tom Oliver Andrew Dorritt Charlie Rolls
2 Ross Clayton Martin Walker TJ Reynoldson Callum Williamson
3 James Bancroft Jed Hesling Adam Morewood Sam Rolls

The Elite 26" podium... The very serious Danny Butler, Joe Oakley & James Porter...

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The fifth and final round of the UCI British Cup took place on Sunday… It was a great success, with 146 riders from all corners of the UK in attendance. In the absence of Ben Slinger, fellow Atomz rider Danny Butler took the win once more, winning this round and the Cup. He finished the two laps of eight sections on just three points, ahead of Junior World Champion Joe Oakley (14) and James Porter (26). Sam Oliver finished first in the 20” final with 16 points on his card, ahead of James Sheridan (24) and Tom Rankin (31). Nevertheless, James took the overall 20” title as Sam had missed two of the previous rounds. Aaron Coseby took the 26” expert win ahead of Adam Bessel and Jack Carthy won Expert 20” ahead of Alec Wray and Ryan Trickett (second in this round). Below are the full results of the competitions and some photos of the top two Elite riders. Thanks to David Butler for the photos that accompany this article!

The 2009 UCI British Cup podiums...

RankElite 26" Elite 20" Expert 26" Expert 20"
1 Danny Butler James Sheridan Aaron Cosbey Jack Carthy
2 Joe Oakley Karl Donnelly Adam Bessell Alec Wray
3 Ben Slinger Sam Oliver Chris Hinson Ryan Trickett
RankCadet Intermediate Novice Primary
1 Jamie Bew Tom Oliver TJ Reynoldson Charlie Rolls
2 James Bancroft Jed Hesling Andrew Dorritt Callum Williamson
3 Ross Clayton Aaron MacIver Adam Morewood Sam Rolls

The Elite 26" Cup podium... Danny Butler, as serious as ever, Joe Oakley & David Kerr, who took his place on the podium in the absence of Ben Slinger, who was nevertheless third overall.

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The Elite 20" podium... James Sheridan, Karl Donnelly & Sam Oliver, third place despite having only ridden in three of the five rounds!

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Photos of the other podiums and full competition results are available on the Biketrial UK website!

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Danny Butler, #1 BIU & UCI British rider...

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Junior World Champion Joe Oakley...

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