David Pastorino on the Cannibal
Friday 9 October 2009
by Ben Swales

GIF - 77.3 kb Notre rider expert David Pastorino joined the Ozonys Team 2 at the start of the year, and until recently was riding the XR 26. He has just received a new frame, the magnificent Black Cannibal, presented to us by Bruno Arnold at the start of last month. It’s a frame with variable geometry with an innovative chain tensioning system and has been completely redesigned to produce a bike that is lighter (internally lightened head tube, lightened BB, recalculated tube thicknesses, CNC booster etc.) and stronger than the previous version.

David gives us his first impressions after his first ride:

PNG - 25.4 kb

To begin with, the change from the XR 26 to the Cannibal was a bit strange, the bike is a bit shorter which means that my ride position changed slightly and everything was a bit harder… But after I had chosen the right geo everything felt much better! Taps are effortless, sidehops aren’t bad either and the fact that it is shorter than the XR 26 means it is perfect for bunny hops! I’ve changes a few parts from the standard spec and I’m also going to fit Viz rims on Rock hubs. I think that 9kg is an easily obtainable weight with this frame...

Here’s a video of David’s first ride on his Cannibal, filmed in Lyon at a spot full of nig concrete blocks stacked like dominoes!




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The Black Cannibal... More info on this bike in our recent article The Ozonys Cannibal Black Light & at Ozonys.com... Below are the posters for the bike and frame.

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