Thomas Oehler in Boston
Tuesday 22 September 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 51.6 kb Top Austrian rider Thomas Oehler was in the top ten UCI riders last year, riding on an Ozonys XR 26, redone in his sponsor KTM’s colours. The 26 year old hung up his comp bike at the end of last year after several years at the highest level in both UCI and BIU comepetition (he was BIU European champion in 2006); he now dedicates himself exclusively to demo and street riding. Thomas is a great showman and a very talented street rider, starring alongside Ryan Leech in Crux last year. His style is smooth, powerful and very efficient, and he pulls big moves with what looks like the greatest of ease. Here is a new HD video of Thomas in action on the streets of Boston and performing demos around the city’s universites (Northeastern, Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Boston College). Impressive...



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