TMS... New website & Evo 3 available!
Monday 7 September 2009
by Ben Swales
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The arrival of the new Evo 3 trials range developed by Thibaut Marriaux was expected in the second half of August. Unfortunately the suppliers put this date back again and we had to wait a little longer, but now THEY ARE AVAILABLE ! The new Evo 3 arrived in France a few days ago, and you can now order your bike on the brand new website !

PNG - 284.2 kb Indeed, to mark the occasion, TMS have treated themselves to a new website in the new TMS colours. It’s even better than the last one and shows of the new range perfectly. Here’s the new address for your favourites: Click on the screenshot below to go and check it out!

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The site gives you all that you need to know on the new Evo 3s and on the innovations that make them a veritable revolution in trials equipment.

Here are some new photos of the bikes... The Full HS33 and Disc brshed alu models...

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and of the brushed alu frame

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Not only are these frames very sexy, but they’re very technically accomplished...In previous articles we’ve mentioned the extensive work carried out on the rear end of the bike, more specifically on the innovative dropouts. They are neither classic horizontal nor vertical, but a very clever TMS specific system of sliding CNC vertical dropouts. Dubbed the "Quick Tensioner Concept", they could very well become a benchmark in trials equipment. If you suffer a puncture, there are no complicated adjustments to be made as there would be with a classic horizontal dropout set up, it’s simply a case of taking the wheel out and putting it back in again! Easy! There’s a short video on the site which explains these innovative features further.

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The rear end features another innovation; the stays. They are formed from a single tube bent in a semi circle around the wheel and onto which has been welded a brake booster. Good thinking!

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The bike also features innovative specifically formed tubes, which give it a very classy look and maximum stiffness up front. The front end has another feature that should prove interesting for the street riders among you and which is explained in the video: a smart little top cap that allows you to pass the front brake cable through the streerer tube and allowing the stem to be clamped down using a simple flat key.

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What better to mark the arrival of this great new range than a promotion? Thibaut Marriaux is offering, while stocks last, the full HS33 model, with TMS 2008 parts, at a reduced price of €1499 (instead of €1690)! You can pre-order your complete Evo 3, with 2008 or 2009 parts staright from the new site!

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Also on the new TMS site are the first images of the Twenty! Ever since the first images of the Evo 3 came out, the shape of the frame had seduced the 20" riders and the same question was repeated the world over: when was a 20" model coming out? This model, which will feature all of the innovative features of the 26" model, is currenltly in development and you can keep up with the progress on the TMS site!

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Head over to to see what else they’re up to! There’s more info on the future street model, the Combo, and the full catalogue of the 2009 TMS components! Bravo Tibo and keep up the good work!

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