Onza Pro Series Limey 3
Saturday 11 July 2009
by Ben Swales
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At the start of the year we unveiled the final design pictures of the new flagship 26" model of the Onza Pro Series range, the Limey 3, formerly the Limey 1.6. It’s avery well designed, classy looking piece of kit, with a polished silver rear end and a gloss lack front end adorned with the new Onza Pro Series graphics. This new bike is now available from all Onza dealers, including our partner Trialprod, who have sent us these photos and details. The reality is even better looking than the design pictures that we have shown you previously...

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This new bike is nothing less than one of the most stylish and aesthetically pleasing to be released this year, as well as being technically very advanced. The top and down tubes are hydro-formed and the frame features numerous CNC reinforcements in the middle section, optimising overall stiffness, a headtube that is cut away at the front, but reinforced in other areas, and a clever chain tensioning system that is adjusted using knurled knobs tucked away behind the dropout. The frame is also among the lightest on the market, with a confirmed weight of just 1.78kg. Tested by Onza’s pro riders, this is a classy competition bike, light and rigid, and last but not least, quite reasonably priced at a shade over £340.

- The Limey 3’s geometry:

WheelbaseBB HeightChainstay lengthHead angle
1090mm +35mm 380mm 72°

- Photos:

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The front end:

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- The rear end:

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- The CNC dropouts and chain tensioners:

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- The Limey 3 in action at the Trial of Wessex :

A collection of photos of the Limey 3 in action just over a month ago at the Trial of Wessex. Thanks again to Heath, alias “R2wtrials” on Trials-forum for the photos!

Elite winner Ben Savage, lthe latest shock addition to the Onza team, who rides a production model of the frame...

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Scott Wilson on his gold prototype, with a slightly different geometry to the final production models...

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Jack Meek, who rides a white model, not available to the public...

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